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  1. HBM
    Cortical mapping of callosal connections in healthy young adults
    Yirong Xiong, Liyuan Yang, Changtong Wang, Chenxi Zhao, Junhao Luo, Di Wu, Yiping Ouyang, Michel Thiebaut Schotten, and Gaolang Gong
    Human Brain Mapping, 2024
    Publisher: Wiley


  1. Preprint
    Microstructural asymmetries of the planum temporale predict functional lateralization of auditory-language processing
    Peipei Qin, Qiuhui Bi, Zeya Guo, Liyuan Yang, HaoKun Li, Peng Li, Xinyu Liang, Junhao Luo, Xiangyu Kong, Yirong Xiong, Bo Sun, Sebastian Ocklenburg, and Gaolang Gong
    Jan 2023
  2. LabRotation
    Dissociating Periodic and Aperiodic Neural Dynamics during Attention
    Yirong Xiong
    Jan 2023
  3. CCN2023
    Selective Memory for Reward-Relevant Features Is Modulated by Expertise during Reward Learning
    Yirong Xiong, Nir Moneta, Mihaly Banyai, and Charley Wu
    Jan 2023
  4. Female vocal feedback promotes song learning in juvenile zebra finches
    Linda Bistere, Carlos Gomez-Guzman, Yirong Xiong, and Daniela Vallentin
    Jan 2023


  1. JNeuroscience
    Callosal fiber length scales with brain size according to functional lateralization, evolution, and development
    Liyuan Yang, Chenxi Zhao, Yirong Xiong, Suyu Zhong, Di Wu, Shaoling Peng, Michel Thiebaut Schotten, and Gaolang Gong
    Journal of Neuroscience, Jan 2022
    Publisher: Soc Neuroscience
  2. EssayRotation
    Can you remember everything all at once? Rate-distortion theory and human memory
    Yirong Xiong
    Jan 2022