Yirong Xiong

Intern at Max Planck Institute for Brain Research


credit: Lunevani and my dear Kalle

I just graduated from the University of Tübingen with a MSc degree. I majored in Neural Information Processing at Graduate Training Center of Neuroscience. I’m looking for a phD position.

I’m currently doing an intership at Prof. Gilles Laurent’s lab in Frankfurt. Meanwhile I also have a cognitive science project at Human and Machine Cognition Lab in Tübingen and a computational modeling project with Dr. Vivek Sridhar in Konstanz. I did my my master’s thesis at Burgalossi lab, and my lab rotation at Dr. Anna Levina’s lab. Before coming to Tübingen, I worked on diffusion MRI and received a master’s degree in psychology from Beijing Normal University.

I am interested in learning and memory, from a perspective of computational cognitive neuroscience. Besides, I like writing popular science blogs, have written some articles in chinese journal. I am the creator and core developer of open-source visualization project CCmapping, which provides a populational-based online interactive atlas of human brain callosal connectivity.

I enjoy running, reading, cooking, and playing puzzles in my free time (if there is such a thing). Fun fact about me: I found the left side of my cerebellum is almost missing during the pilot scan of my first experiment. Ever since that, this has been the best excuse of my poor dancing skill. I’ve made a Valentine’s day poster of my brain scan.

selected publications

  1. HBM
    Cortical mapping of callosal connections in healthy young adults
    Yirong Xiong, Liyuan Yang, Changtong Wang, Chenxi Zhao, Junhao Luo, Di Wu, Yiping Ouyang, Michel Thiebaut Schotten, and Gaolang Gong
    Human Brain Mapping, 2024
    Publisher: Wiley
  2. JNeuroscience
    Callosal fiber length scales with brain size according to functional lateralization, evolution, and development
    Liyuan Yang, Chenxi Zhao, Yirong Xiong, Suyu Zhong, Di Wu, Shaoling Peng, Michel Thiebaut Schotten, and Gaolang Gong
    Journal of Neuroscience, 2022
    Publisher: Soc Neuroscience
  3. CCN2023
    Selective Memory for Reward-Relevant Features Is Modulated by Expertise during Reward Learning
    Yirong Xiong, Nir Moneta, Mihaly Banyai, and Charley Wu